Big Machine press photo

Welcome to the family: Big Machine

So it’s pretty clear that, as far as our releases go, we don’t have much of an editorial style. In the last month alone we’ve put out everything from math-pop to instrumental post-hardcore to frantic screamo, our criteria for releases tends to hinge more on whether something is fucking ace than whether it ‘fits’, as … Continue reading

Olympians print crop

First Listen: new music from Cousin and Olympians

Once again, we’ve slipped into neglecting the blog somewhat, as a result of being on holiday (lame excuse) and working mad hours at our respective day jobs (slightly more reasonable excuse). We should probably get into more of a routine of actually telling you about things we’re doing – I mean, it’s probably as advisable … Continue reading

Olympians new stuff

New releases: Claw the Thin Ice and Olympians

I know every couple of months we say the same thing – that we’re going to be a proper label from now on and actually release things and, equally importantly, tell you about said things. Well, while this blog post is a few days late, we do have two new releases we announced in the … Continue reading

Cousin press photo (web res)

Welcome to the family: Cousin

As promised, some ACTUAL NEWS about releases for this year: really excited to announce that the latest band to join the Barely Regal family is Brighton post-hardcore trio Cousin. Like a significant portion of good new bands that I’m currently a tad obsessed with, I was introduced to Cousin by Tommy from Zine and Not … Continue reading

Plaids at About Time #3 Festival, photo by Andrew Northrop -

End of a year

Now then. I’d meant to write a long rambling blog post about how last year was really great (which it was!) and kinda reinstated our faith and enthusiasm in running a label. It was going to be great – we were going to do end of year lists and everything – but then I forgot, … Continue reading

Plaids LP photo

Plaids debut album out now

Another one that’s been a long time comin’, Plaids debut self-titled album is out today (and it looks pretty great huh?). You can grab yourself a copy of the LP on either solid white or black vinyl from HERE now, which comes with an instant download of all 12 tracks, or give it a listen … Continue reading

Theo press pic

Theo – ‘Loom’ out now

This week is a pretty momentous one for us, as our first 12″ release, Theo’s debut album ‘Loom’, is finally out. You can stream the album in it’s entirety below, and buy the record from here, which comes with an instant download of all five tracks plus two bonus digital-only tracks. It’s been a long … Continue reading

Brunch cannon art

New Olympians single ‘Brunch Cannon’ out today

It’s been a while since Olympians graced your ears with any new music (since last April in fact), which is why we’re pleased to announce that their new single ‘Brunch Cannon’ is out today as a free download from Bandcamp. Last April doesn’t even seem that long ago (seriously, was it that long ago ‘Adventure … Continue reading

Nudes press photo

Welcome to the family: Nudes

As some of you may now, Saturday’s Kids recently called it a day, a pretty emotional moment for us seeing as they’re good friends and an incredible band, as well as a stalwart of the Cardiff music scene since long before we even existed as a label or started putting on shows. We’d almost been … Continue reading

Crows An Wra

Crows An Wra announce new LP ‘Kalopsia’

I have no idea if this is the way the Big Boys tend to do it, but when bands we like approach us about releases I almost categorically agree to putting them out before even hearing the tiniest snippet of a track. Call it bad business sense, but I feel pretty vindicated about this way … Continue reading


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