Plough Lines

Welcome to the Family – Plough Lines

As you can probably tell from the line-up for our Swn stage last year, we’re pretty big fans of the music scene in Manchester. The more people and bands I meet from up that way the more I get the impression that everyone from the city is A: a brilliant human, and B: in a … Continue reading

Label stock cupboard

2014 – Plans for the year ahead

Ok, so we’re a pretty big chunk of the way into 2014 (how is it April already?), and it’s probably about time we gave you a rough idea of our plans for the year, just to reassure you that Barely Regal isn’t going to grind to a halt any time soon. We went pretty quiet towards … Continue reading

Carson Wells blog post 2

Welcome to the Family – Carson Wells / Human Hands

It’s been a good while since you’ve had anything you could really describe as “news” from us (since October in fact, whoops), and you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d died, or shut down operations, or just reached new dark depths of procrastination. While yes, real life did get in the way for a good couple … Continue reading

Among Bros Swn

Barely Regal does Swn 2013

HI GUYZ. We’re curating a stage at Swn again this year! We’ll be at Fuel (NOT Undertone…) on Womanby Street on Saturday 19 October from 2.15pm. We’ve been fans of Swn Festival since it began, so we’re absolutely honoured to be involved. It does so many great things for the city’s music scene. Basically, Swn … Continue reading

Adventure Gun 1

Out now – Olympians – “Adventure Gun”

There are many things that usually make the first couple of days of the working week a bearable experience, and I can categorically say that for us all of them involve coffee in some capacity – mostly drinking it, sometimes just thinking about it. Anyway, it isn’t often that we’re lucky enough to have the … Continue reading

Winter Villains bird art

Happy Winter Villains album release day!

The day is finally upon us – following their sold-out show at Chapter in Cardiff on Saturday night, Winter Villains incredible debut album “February” is out today both on digital and digital download! It’s been a good while in the planning – we were originally going to release the record last September, but decided to … Continue reading


Welcome to the Family: Crows An Wra!

Despite the bank holiday leaving us with an additional hangover to recover from this week, we’ve somehow managed to get everything in place to announce not just one, but two new releases AND a new addition to the Barely Regal family this week. Not bad considering I spent all of bank holiday Sunday getting towed … Continue reading

Olympians press pic NOTVIBES

New releases: Olympians – “Adventure Gun”

Remember when we put out all the Olympians Book Club singles last year and kept harping on about the fact it was a means for them to keep releasing material whilst they were writing for a new EP? Well, this wasn’t merely a ruse to lull you into thinking that it was totally ok for … Continue reading

Hail the planes

New shows – Hail! the Planes, Best Friends, Hop Along…

After two relatively successful gigs at The Old Blue Last back in January (thanks to everyone that came out to see Birthmark and 1994!), we’re fully back on promoting shows. We’ve already announced four shows between now and the end of May, and still have several more than we’re confirming line-ups for as we speak, so … Continue reading

Olympians mug

Welcome to the team – Jen Moseley!

Leaving Cardiff for the bright lights of London was a difficult decision for us. On the one hand, we were pretty excited to be moving because of the new opportunities it presented, but on the other hand leaving behind the thriving music scene in Cardiff and all of friends that we’d grown up with, both … Continue reading


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